Join us on Aug 1-4, 2019for a celebration of a fandom unlike any other.

BronyCon returns to the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Choose Your Clearance Level

Visit for a Day$40Go: 1-Day

All-Weekend Access$70Go: 4-Day

Access to the event for the entire weekend. Youth, senior, and service member discounts are available.

Access + Exclusives$150Go: 4-Day PLUS

Badge includes everything that comes with a 4-Day badge, plus an exclusive poster and t-shirt.

Survey the Fun

  • Opening Ceremonies

    Thursday @ 6pm – Mane Event's Hall
  • BronyPalooza

    Thursday @ 7pm – Mane Event's Hall
    Friday @ 11pm – Mane Event's Hall
    Saturday @ 8pm — Mane Event's Hall
  • Crystal Café

    Friday @ 9am, 2pm, 4pm – Hall of the Stars
  • Grand Galloping Gala

    Friday @ 7pm – Mane Event's Hall
  • Cosplay Fashion Show

    Saturday – Hall of the Sun
  • Hall Cosplay Contest

    Saturday @ 9:30am–2pm – Pre-judging Room
  • BronyCon Talent Show

    Sunday @ 11:30am – Mane Event's Hall
  • Annual Charity Auction

    Sunday @ 1:30pm – Mane Event's Hall
  • Blank Canvas's Marketplace

    Thursday @ 2–8pm
    Friday–Saturday @ 10am–6pm
    Sunday @ 10am–4pm