ObabScribbler is a YouTuber, author and content creating machine. She specializes in audio productions; to date she has adapted over 450 MLP fanfictions into full-cast audiobooks in her Pony Tales series and released over 800 comic dubs. She is most known for her sadfics but has also generated a large amount of grimdark and romantic content in her yearly ‘Month of Macabre’ and ‘Month of Lurve’ fandom events.

Notable productions from her repertoire include Rocket to Insanity, Grogar: A Hearth's Warming Horror Story, Awoken, A Puppet to Her Fame, and Core of the Apple. She has worked with many other YouTube personalities, lending her voice and skills to various fan projects, including Pinkie Tales, Pony and Mann, Remembrance, Fallout Equestria: Tinned Mint, Luna’s Therapy Visit and she regularly plays Octavia in Silent Ponyville adaptations. She is also the official voice of Mirage, draconequus mascot of New York Ponycon. Most recently she helmed the fourth installment in the Aprilverse series, a large collaborative parody event featuring over fifty voice actors, artists and other content creators celebrating the sillier side of the brony narrator community.

Besides creating YouTube content she has also written 500+ fanfictions for dozens of fandoms and adapted several popular titles by horror mangaka Junji Ito. Outside fandom she is a qualified English, Drama and Media Studies teacher with over ten years of experience.